Machine Learning Solutions

Advancements in algorithms capabilities along with a massive increase in computational power and data availability, have opened the door to innovative real-world applications of Machine Learning.

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) focused on building systems with the ability to learn and improve from experience (data).



Extract, analyse and use information from images and videos using Computer Vision

Some applications:

  • Person, gender and age counter
  • Text extraction from Images
  • Manufacturing: defect detection
  • Machines maintenance


Process, extract and use information from text data using Natural Language Processing

Some applications:

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Document Classification
  • Entity Extraction



Estimate likelihood of future events, understand the driving factors behind them or predict the category an item or event is part of.

Some applications:

  • Marketing, Retail – Predict Churn Rate
  • HR – Predict attrition and understand its drivers
  • Internet of Things – Predictive Maintenance


Find patterns in large amount of data and identify hidden structures

Some applications:

  • Customers Segmentation
  • Patterns recognition
  • Social Network Analysis

Recommender Systems

Suggest the most relevant products or services to each customer

Some applications:

  • E-commerce: Products recommendations
  • Marketing: Dynamic ads selection


The great innovation brought by the broader area of Machine Learning consists in the possibility to do things that were not possible before, or to just carry out existing tasks more efficiently with a fraction of the effort.

The algorithms can be incorporated into products and applications, increasingly leading to smarter and amazing products.


While we are happy to tailor our development approach to your needs, at a high-level we aim to follow a well defined process.

Key to successfully building a Machine Learning solution is making sure that we understand your needs and that we are aligned on the end-goal. As such, in the early phase of the project, we  aim to deliver a Proof of Concept – a simple prototype with limited functionality demonstrating how the algorithms works.

While AI is capable of great things, the bottom-line is the delivery of a rich user-experience – as such, we encourage having regular touch-points with our clients and all the relevant stakeholders.

Development Process

  • Start with an hypothesis
  • Scoping and evaluation of project feasibility
  • Early Delivery of a Proof of Concept 
  • Core algorithm development with regular touch points
  • Final delivery
  • Live deployment

What our clients think

‘ built the core Machine Learning engine behind our product recommendation system for a major client, and did brilliant work in the design of the algorithms behind our ads bidding platform’

Project and Product Manager, FusePump

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