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We have launched Рan open platform to manage Computer Vision datasets. Check it out!

About us

We are a London-based Machine Learning company. We specialize in building innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions, with a focus on Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.


Current AI technology is not fully “intelligent” yet. But it allows to do things that were not possible before, or to complete tasks with a fraction of the effort. This is opening the door to some amazing opportunities.

Looking to build a Machine Learning solution?

We have built bespoke ML solutions for companies like Shell, Aon and WPP. We are also the makers of Remo, the datasets management platform for Computer Vision.

Read on to explore what we can do for you and how we can work together.

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Object Detection using Deep Learning algorithms
Insights generation using clustering algorithms

Insights on data

Do you want to use data
to make better decisions?

Everyday, we make decisions based on best judgement. Using data, we can help you make decisions based on facts.

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AI for Arts, Social and Scientific research

If you are a researcher or an artist using AI to push the boundaries of how things are currently done in your field, get in touch!
We would love to collaborate with you.

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Tropical Cyclones classification through satellite image recognition

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