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We are about to launch – an open platform to build Computer Vision solutions. Check it out!

About us

We specialize in building innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions and in using Machine Learning to extract insights from your data.
The great innovation brought by AI consists in the ability to do things that were not possible before, or just carry out existing tasks more efficiently with a fraction of the effort.

Machine Learning solutions

We can help you build your Machine Learning-powered applications, for smarter and innovative products.

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Object Detection using Deep Learning algorithms
Insights generation using clustering algorithms

Insights on data

Do you have data but don’t know
what to do with it?

Everyday we make decisions based on best judgement. Using insights from data, we can make decisions based on facts, become aware of unknown risks and discover new opportunities.

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AI for Arts, Social and Scientific research

We collaborate with academic researchers and artists to further explore and push the boundaries of human knowledge.

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Tropical Cyclones classification through satellite image recognition

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