From 'I Think' to 'I Know'

What do we do?

We can help unlock the value in your data and transform it into measurable business value.

How we do it?

We make use of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics to find insights in data. We test our ideas, co-create an approach with the relevant stakeholders and finally transform the way things are done.
  • Analyze the problem
  • Explore the data
  • Identify relevant KPIs
  • Find actionable insights
  • Test, develop Minimum Viable Product, iterate

  • Our Clients

    Customers segmentation and revenue generation
    for Gaming Pub

    Recommender system and Advertisement Bidding Platformn
    for Marketing Agency

    Predictive analytics in HR
    for leading People analytics consultancy

    Data Science training
    for Master degree in Italian University

    Solutions by sector

    HR Analytics

    • Attrition
      • Analysis of attrition and identify hotspots
      • Predicting attrition
      • A/B testing on methods to increase retention
    • Dashboards and scorecards
    • Predicting employees success
    • Employees engagement through network analysis on social networks / emails
    • Drive org restructuring through Network analysis

    Analytics for Startups

    • Dashboards and scorecards
    • Customers segmentation
    • A/B testing on methods to increase conversion
    • Scope data science projects
    • Help build data science teams
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon!

    You don't see your industry listed here or have a particular need?

    We have experience building Data Science solutions across different industries - including Marketing, HR, FCGM, Financial Services, Weather - and have hands-on expertise with a number of Machine Learning approaches - including Classification and Regression algorithms, Recommender Systems, Time Series Analysis, Boosted Decision Trees and Network analysis.

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