Using analytics to help unlock the value hidden in data

Our Vision

Our Team was born from our passion to use Machine Learning to tell a factual story of reality and to try to predict the future.

The name "Rediscovery" tries to capture exactly this - a journey towards rediscovering what we think we know, leading to an improved awareness of how things behave.

Andrea La Rosa

Co-founder, Data Scientist

Passionate about Artificial Intelligence and surfing. In his career Andrea has led the development of HR Advanced Analytics solutions at Unilever, and worked in Quantitative Analytics for different investment banks and hedge funds. Andrea holds an MSc in Financial Mathematics from University of Warwick (UK) and a BSc in Physics from University of Catania (Italy).

Carlo Corsaro, PhD

Co-founder, Data Scientist

Avid researcher with a passion for predictions and music, Carlo is a PhD in Atmospheric Physics from Imperial College London, where he worked on numerical models of tropical cyclones. In the past he collaborated on a green-energy start-up venture. Carlo holds an MSc in Theoretical Physics and a BSc in Physics from University of Catania (Italy).

Giuseppe Petralia

Software Engineer

Motivated and creative Software Engineer, passionate about fishing, Giuseppe collaborated on a number of research topics on Cloud Computing and Software Defined Networks with Intel Corp (Ireland) and University of Catania. Giuseppe holds an MSc and a BSc in Computer Science Engineering from University of Catania (Italy).

Dario Zappalà

Data Scientist

Interested in the modelling of complex systems and curious about languages (programming and not), Dario is a PhD candidate at UPC BarcelonaTech (Spain) at the program of Computational and Applied Physics, where he uses modelling and statistical techniques to analyse and find patterns in atmospheric data. Dario holds an MSc in Theoretical Physics and a BSc in Physics from University of Catania (Italy).


From time to time, we are delighted to talk about case studies and our vision on Data Science and AI at public events.
If you are around, let's connect in person! Let us know that you are coming or just come say hello.
Conference - Global analytics summit
Leveraging Advanced Analytics from HR perspective – Challenges and Applications

Where: Frankfurt, Germany
When: 30 - 31 March 2017
Topics :
- How Human Resources can enable the global business
- Challenges: Data, KPIs, Profiling and Ethics
- Case study: Predicting employees success
- Case study: Predicting and reducing employees attrition
Conference - Glasgow - RSS
Predicting Human behaviour - challenges and applications of Data Science in Human Resources

Where: Glasgow, Scotland
When: 4-7 September 2017
Topics :
- Why now? Two main enablers
- Challenges and solutions to practically apply Data Science in Human Resources
- Case study: Predicting whether an employee will leave a company
- Case study: Mapping communication - identification of KPIs for organisations' restructuring using Network analysis